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    Amphoteric Surfactants


    Lauryl Betaine is an amphoteric surfactant derived from N-dodecyl-N,N-dialkanol amine with protein denaturing potency. Lauryl Betaine is mainly used in shampoo, personal hygiene products and oil field chemicals.

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    Cocoamidopropyl Betaine

    It can be used as a component of cosmetics, shampoo, bath lotion, leveling agent, wetting agent, softening agent, antistatic agent of textiles. As a fungicide, the general dosage is 30 mg/L.


    Rennet (a dried extract contg rennin) is used in the manufacture of cheese and rennet casein, also sold retail for the making of junket or rennet custards.

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    Amphoteric surfactants are surfactants that contain both anionic hydrophilic groups and cationic hydrophilic groups in the same molecule. Amphoteric surfactants usually have good washing, dispersing, emulsifying, sterilizing, soft fiber and antistatic properties, and can be used as fabric finishing aids, dyeing aids, calcium soap dispersants, dry cleaning surfactants and metal corrosion inhibitor Wait. However, the price of this type of surfactant is more expensive, and the practical application range is smaller than other types of surfactants. "Amphoteric Surfactants" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for amphoteric surfactants.
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