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    Diagnostic Agents

    Barium Carbonate

    1. Preparation of barium standard solution. It is used in ceramic glazes, cement, bricks and in rat poison.
    2. Preparation of barium standard solutions.


    Mainly used as edible sweetener. Saccharin sodium does not decompose in the body, is discharged with urine, does not supply heat energy, and has no nutritional value. It is used in the food industry and diabetic patients as a sweetened diet. It is also used as a diagnostic drug and as an auxiliary brightener when electroplating nickel. The intra-peritoneal injection of LD50 in the mouse was 17500ml/kg. ADI is tentatively 0-2.5ml/kg.


    Barite is widely distributed in nature and occurs as the mineral barite (also known as barytes or heavy spar). It often is associated with other metallic ores, such as fluorspar. Barites containing over 94% BaSO4 can be processed economically.
    Barite has many commercial applications. It is used as natural barite, or precipitated BaSO4. The precipitated salt in combination with equimolar amount of co-precipitated zinc sulfide formerly was used as a white protective coating pigment, known a

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    Used as an acid-base indicator, pH range: 8 (sulfonate)-4 (red). Also used in biochemical research.

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    Acid-base indicator [pH3.0 (blue-violet)-5.0 (red)], adsorb indicator, precipitate protein, detect free hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, embryo section, plant mucin, cellulose, elastic tissue and other stains to determine boric acid , Cyanide and hydrochloric acid.

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    Diagnostic agents refer to diagnostic reagents prepared using principles or methods such as immunology, microbiology, and molecular biology, and used in vitro for the diagnosis, detection, and epidemiological investigation of human diseases. Diagnostic agents can be divided into two categories: in vivo diagnostic reagents and in vitro diagnostic reagents. Except for the in vivo diagnostic reagents used for diagnosis, such as old tuberculin, brucellin, and Sickle toxin, most of them are in vitro diagnostic products. "Circulatory System Drugs" on Echemi includes organ function test agent, medical imaging drugs, and mainly supplies APIs for such drugs.
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