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    Cellulase is mainly used for softening and peeling plant foods such as grains and beans; controlling (reducing) the viscosity of coffee extracts, the maximum allowable dosage is 100mg/kg; pretreatment of brewing materials; manufacture of starch, agar and seaweed foods; Eliminate the turbidity caused by cellulose in fruit juice; instant dissolution of green tea, black tea, etc. As a feed additive, it helps animals digest and absorb feed. It can hydrolyze β-1,4-glucan in cellulose polysaccharide to β-dextrin

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    Enzyme. It is the most versatile and most consumed of enzyme preparations. Mainly used for dough improvement in bread production (reducing dough viscosity, accelerating fermentation process, increasing sugar content, and easing bread aging); pretreatment of cereal raw materials in infant food (starch hydrolysis); saccharification and decomposition in beer manufacturing Starch; liquefaction and saccharification of starch in the production of sake; saccharification and decomposition of undecomposed starch in the alcohol industry; starch decomposition and improvement of filtration speed in fruit juice processing; and vegetable processing, syrup manufacturing, caramel production, powdered dextrin, Glucose processing.

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    Used in biochemical research, it is one of the main enzymes used in enzyme labeling. It is used in medicine to determine the content of glucose and galactose in biological fluids and used as a diagnostic enzyme.

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    Pectinase can catalyze the hydrolysis of methyl esters in pectin and break down polygalacturonic acid into smaller molecular polymers. It can be used as a clarifying agent for beverages, and also used for undressing oranges. According to my country~"s regulations, it can be used for canned oranges (without encapsulation), fruit wine and fruit juice in sugar water.

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    Enzymes are made of animals, plants, fungi, etc., with or without the addition of auxiliary materials, and contain specific biological active ingredients (including polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, proteins and peptides, amino acids, vitamins) prepared by microbial fermentation The product. Its biologically active ingredients include various nutrients provided by plant raw materials and microorganisms and plant-based functional chemical ingredients in natural plants, as well as some physiologically active substances produced by fermentation, including amino acids, peptides, vitamins, polysaccharides, and polyphenols , Flavonoids, alcohols, esters, enzymes, mineral elements, organic acids and various probiotics. "Enzyme" on Echemi mainly supplies raw materials for enzymes.
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