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    Heterocyclic Ring


    (1) Spices. The main type use is the preparation of fruit and spice flavors.
    (2) It is used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals such as perfume
    (3) Its derivatives are widely used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, spices, rubber vulcanization accelerator, epoxy curing agents of raw materials

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    In perfumery; denaturing fats in soap manufacture; also in manufacture of heliotropin.Formerly as flavoring agent in foods, drugs and beverages.

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    Used in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates

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    Among the Heterocyclic Ring, in addition to carbon atoms, the compounds that make up the compound also contain non-carbon atoms to become heterocyclic compounds. Non-carbon atoms in the ring become heteroatoms. Among heterocyclic compounds, nitrogen-containing heterocycles are the most important, and among nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds, the research of pyrazoles and amides is one of the fastest growing fields in recent years.
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