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    Sodium Gluconate

    Used as a sequestering agent forming water-sol complexes with calcium in alkaline media and with iron in near neutral solns.

    Sodium alginate

    In the manufacture of ice cream where it serves as a stabilizing colloid, insuring creamy texture and preventing the growth of ice crystals.In drilling muds; in coatings; in the flocculation of solids in water treatment; as sizing agent; thickener; emulsion stabilizer; suspending agent in soft drinks; in dental impression preparations.Pharmaceutic aid (suspending agent).

    Sodium Diacetate

    Sodium diacetate is a compound with formula NaH(C 2H 3O 2) 2. It is a salt of acetic acid. It is a colorless solid that is used in seasonings and as an antimicrobial agent.

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    Sodium Propionate

    Primary uses: Antifungal agent, antiseptic agent (topical), disinfectant, food additive, ophthalmic agent.
    It is used primarily as a mold inhibitor in bakery products. It is approved for use as a food additive in the EU, USA and Australia and New Zealand (where it is listed by its INS number 281). Chemically synthesized sodium propionate is most commonly used as a preservative in the food industry. It prevents the growth of mold and some bacteria, thereby prolonging the shelf life of pack

    Calcium Citrate

    Calcium citrate is the calcium salt of citric acid. It is commonly used as a food additive (E333), usually as a preservative, but sometimes for flavor. In this sense, it is similar to sodium citrate. Calcium citrate is also found in some dietary calcium supplements (e.g. Citracal). Calcium makes up 24.1% of calcium citrate (anhydrous) and 21.1% of calcium citrate (tetrahydrate) by mass. The tetrahydrate occurs in nature as the mineral Earlandite.

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    Sodium Methyl Paraben

    This product is a water-soluble preservative. The main features are safety, high efficiency, and broad-spectrum antibacterial. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry (preparation of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicines; disinfection); food industry (dairy products, pickled products, beverages, juices, jellies, cakes, etc.); textile industry (textiles, cotton yarn, chemical fiber) antiseptic. And other antiseptics such as cosmetics, feed, and daily-use industrial products.

    Disodium Succinate

    Flavoring agent; sour agent; buffering agent. Mainly used for ham, sausage, aquatic products, seasoning liquid, etc., the general dosage is 0.01%~0.05%. As a condiment, powdered anhydrous is generally used to accelerate the dissolution.

    Barium stearate

    Used as high temperature resistant lubricant for machinery and high temperature resistant powder for rubber products. It can be used as a stabilizer and lubricant for polyvinyl chloride. Among all the alkaline earth metal stearates, this product has the best long-term heat resistance. Mainly used for soft transparent film, thin plate, artificial leather and hard plate, tube, etc. It can also be used as high temperature resistant mold release agent and high temperature lubricant for machinery.

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    Organometalate, also known as organic conductor, is a type of conductive organic charge transfer compound. Such complexes are composed of electron donors and electron acceptors. Typical examples are TTF-TCNQ, TTF-TNAF complex. According to the degree of charge transfer, it can be divided into molecular crystals and charge transfer crystals.
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