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    Raw material for sensory modification of cosmetics-pigment

    Echemi 2020-05-18

    What are pigments?

    Pigments are also called colorants or colorants, that is, the sum of substances that can be used to change the color of other substances or products. The role of adding various pigments in cosmetics is to make cosmetics beautify and modify. Or in order to cover up the unpleasant color sense of certain colored components in cosmetics, so as to increase the color beauty of cosmetics.

    Pigment classification

    Pigments can be divided into three categories: synthetic pigments, inorganic pigments, and natural plant and animal pigments according to their sources.

    Synthetic pigments are also called organic synthetic pigments or tar pigments. According to their chemical structure, synthetic pigments can be divided into azo series, triphenylmethane series, quinoline series and other pigments.

    Inorganic pigments are called mineral pigments. White pigments used in cosmetics, such as talc, zinc white, titanium dioxide, etc .; colored pigments, such as iron oxide, carbon black, oxidized chlorine, etc.

    The advantage of natural pigments is high safety, but the natural pigments have poor raw material stability, low purity, poor heat resistance, and are susceptible to pH and metal ions. They are rarely used in cosmetics.

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