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    BASF Launches New Harvest® Series New Fungicides in China

    Echemi 2020-05-19

    Recently, BASF officially launched the first product of the cross-generation fungicide sharp harvest series in China, Sharp Harvest® Fruity. This listing will use the form of an online conference to attract the attention of customers from all over the country. Reaprox®, a fruit blend of clofluconazole (brand name: Sharp Harvest), which represents BASF ’s innovative technology, and BASF ’s trusted pyraclostrobin, will help Chinese growers harvest more in an innovative way More crops with more market value.

    Sharp Harvest® (clofluconazole), first announced in 2016, has excellent biological properties, has excellent control effects on resistant diseases of economic crops and field crops, and can meet increasingly stringent regulatory standards worldwide. The Ruishou series of products can prevent and control a variety of crop diseases in a safe and sustainable manner, and are a brand worthy of trust by farmers.

    Gao Yingrui, brand manager of BASF China's Ruishou® series, introduced in this online conference that Ruishou can help growers to meet various challenges from three aspects of safety, management and profitability, so that growers can harvest more high quality more efficiently Fruits and vegetables. Gao Yingrui said: "In January this year, the three products of the Ruishou series were successfully registered in China. This includes the Ruishou® fruit fragrance that we listed today. The Ruishou® fruit fragrance is a professional cultivation of fruits and vegetables in the Ruishou series. In the future, we have plans to expand the registration to more crops including apples and cucumbers. "

    BASF plans to launch Sharp Harvest® Gu Rui in the second half of 2020, which is the first product in the Harvest Series for field crop applications; Sharp Harvest® Camry, another Harvest Series product for rice, fruit and vegetable applications will Later.

    Wang Xiang, Senior Operations Director, Greater China, BASF Agricultural Solutions, said: "After the launch of a sharp harvest in the US last year and in the EU earlier this year, Chinese growers will become the first batch of users in the Asia-Pacific region. We firmly believe in this innovative technology Will reshape the triazole fungicide market, and will provide Chinese growers with more efficient and sustainable resistance management tools to implement BASF's commitment to agriculture with practical actions-to help growers and farmers with innovation and sustainability The society seeks a balanced way of success. "

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