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    Daume Chemicals cooperates with Zare to boost additive manufacturing

    Echemi 2020-05-20

    Recently, the selective laser sintering (SLS) solution provider Daumer Chemical is expanding its position in the additive manufacturing industry through cooperation with Zare, a 3D printed parts service bureau. As manufacturers shift from prototype manufacturing to mass production, 3D printing component manufacturers have placed higher demands on their suppliers' mechanical and thermal performance standards. Through cooperation with Zare, Daumer will further strengthen its value proposition and support the automotive and consumer electronics industries in leveraging the potential of additive manufacturing in a vantage point.

    OEMs and intermediaries in the automotive and consumer products industrial markets are increasingly demanding our solutions as the best means to accelerate the transition to additive manufacturing, "said Dominique Giannota, Sinterline project leader." Sinterline Technyl of Domer Chemical is The pioneer of PA6 powder, through our cooperation with Zare and its parts production capacity, our products will provide reference for original equipment manufacturers and hierarchical parts suppliers. This will help us further advance the value chain of 3D printed parts and provide solutions for high-performance components for very demanding markets. Zare comes into play when industrial designers need to understand and evaluate the benefits that additives can bring to their projects. "

    "The newly strengthened Sinterline Technyl PA6 6300HT powder has the characteristics of easy processing, excellent mechanical properties, long life, and extremely high melting temperature. This PA6 powder grade can be widely used in applications where components are prone to wear or friction," Zare Company sells Manager Giuseppe Pisciuneri said, "We have 25 industrial-grade equipment covering all rapid prototyping manufacturing technologies. Sinterline products help us maintain perfect control of the production process and ensure consistent and repeatable results in production."

    HUB by Sinterline is designed to increase the potential of 3D printed components. From design and material selection to component testing, HUB can support customers. It combines MMI Technyl Design's advanced predictive simulation tools with rapid functional prototyping in Sinterline 3D printing services, and flexible part testing for APT application performance testing to support innovation and accelerate time to market with professional expertise.

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