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    2 British composite supply chain giants cooperate on color carbon fiber

    Echemi 2020-05-20

    Sigmatex is a global company that designs and manufactures carbon fiber textiles for the composites industry. It has announced that it will cooperate with Hypetex, a high-performance brand known for colored carbon fiber materials.

    This cooperation will provide new and existing customers with beautiful and unique color carbon fiber solutions. Sigmatex and Hypetex have agreed to cooperate to provide the advantages of Hypetex color technology for Sigmatex's custom sigma design fabrics.

    Hypetex's dyeing process, coupled with custom weave patterns designed by sigm, will provide customers throughout the industry with more visual advantages from this novel decorative carbon fiber while maintaining basic quality and performance.

    This collaboration brings together two key companies from the UK compound supply chain to work together to improve and strengthen the products they provide to the global market.

    Companies will use their most advanced manufacturing facilities and use in-house technology to provide comprehensive solutions for existing and new customers with the required high output and consistent quality.

    Commenting on this partnership, Hypetex CEO Marc Cohen said: “We are very pleased to work with Sigmatex, which allows us to create unique visual-grade products while meeting our excellent quality goals. The result is Provide advanced products for other industries such as automobiles. "

    Steven Powell, business manager of Sigmatex, added: "This partnership provides us with the opportunity to enhance the sigmaDesign product, which has been valued for its appearance and performance quality. We look forward to working with new and existing markets through this exclusive product. "

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