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    Sabine study: natural red sandalwood has skincare and sunscreen effects

    Echemi 2020-05-21

    American plant extract company Sabinsa (Sabinsa) conducted two experiments to prove that its natural pterostilbene pTeroWhite has the potential to be used as a raw material for cosmeceuticals. Sunscreen.

     Anti-aging, whitening skin

     Sabinsha's pTeroWhite Pterostilbene is extracted and purified from sacred rosewood heartwood. The company recently issued a document saying that it conducted a non-blind, one-arm, single-center study called "Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Safety of Natural Pterostilbene (Sacred Pterocarpus) Lightening and Anti-aging Functions" During the study, 38 volunteers applied a cream containing 0.4% Pterostilbene for 8 consecutive weeks. A dermatological evaluation consisting of instrument data and image analysis showed that Pterostilbene effectively enhanced the skin brightness and elasticity of volunteers, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and improved skin texture. The researchers also found that after using the cream containing pTeroWhite Pterostilbene, whether it was male or female volunteers, their skin moisture and elasticity had positive changes at all time points. Among them, the reduction of fine lines at the moment is significant at all time nodes, and the reduction of wrinkles, head-up lines and crow's feet lines is obvious at the end of the study.

     All volunteers said that the test products made their skin more hydrated, brightened, younger, firmer, and balanced in tone. In addition, the researchers pointed out that no skin allergies, intolerance or adverse events related to the product were found during the study.

     Natural sunscreen ingredients

    Another clinical study, titled "A Randomized Test to Determine the Sun Protection Factor of Natural Pterostilbene in Pterocarpus marsupium", was published in the Journal of Cosmetics. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of pTeroWhite as a natural sunscreen ingredient. The researchers first formulated a cream containing 0.4% red sandalwood, and then tested and evaluated it in 12 healthy volunteers. The results showed that the product exhibited an in vivo sun protection factor value of 6.2 ± 1.30.

    In in vitro tests, this cream containing pTeroWhite Pterostilbene exhibited a sun protection factor value of 8.84 ± 0.01, while pTeroWhite as a raw material exhibited a sun protection factor value of 21.73 ± 0.06. In addition, the study demonstrated pTeroWhite's powerful antioxidant function in multiple in vitro and cell test systems. Therefore, the researchers concluded that the raw material can be used as a safe ingredient for external sunscreen formulations.

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