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    Mediterranean umami powder can reduce sodium by 40%

    Echemi 2020-05-21

    Recently, the Israeli low-sodium salt manufacturer company Salt of the Earth has launched Mediterranean Umami powder, which aims to replace the salt in snacks with a 1: 1 ratio, reducing sodium by 40%.

    The company believes that reducing the salt content in snacks is a trending task for snack companies. In addition, many spice blenders and flavor spice dealers also need umami powder to reduce the sodium content and add flavor to the seasoning mixture because it can be used as a key ingredient in complex flavor systems.

    David Hart, director of the Salt of the Earth business unit, said that the new umami powder is a clean label plant-based solution. The main ingredients are tomatoes, mushrooms and seaweed extracts, sea salt and natural starch. While maintaining the flavor of the product, the sodium content of the food is significantly reduced.

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