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    Dutch biocide containing natamycin products approved by the United States

    Echemi 2020-05-22

    The Dutch company Ceradis B.V. recently announced that its biocide CeraFruta for crop harvesting has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

    CeraFruta is a highly innovative natural fungicide containing the active ingredient natamycin, which can broadly control post-harvest fruit rot, including penicillium, gray mold, green mold, brown rot and acid rot . The product can also prevent mucor disease after citrus harvest, which is currently unable to be controlled by industry standard synthetic fungicides.

    Natamycin is a biomolecule produced by soil bacteria and has a defense mechanism against fungi. Natamycin has been approved as a food additive and has been used as a preservative in cheese for decades. The active ingredient can not only be used safely in food, but also harmless to crops and non-target organisms. There is no need to consider residual problems and no reports of drug resistance. This product has a unique mechanism of action-interrupt the formation of cell membranes, which are the basic components of any organism's reproduction. In terms of medicinal efficacy, the active ingredients in CeraFruta are superior in post-harvest bacterial control of various crops.

    Jan Stechmann, Vice President of Marketing and Marketing, said: "CeraFruta provides the best alternative in its class to prevent post-harvest rot and protect crop quality and marketability. The product is placed on the market with outstanding value, while exceeding The established standards in the pesticide disposal agreement. "

    Wiladi Heijs, director of R & D at Ceradis, said the company's next plan is that consumer safety is their top priority. When CeraFruta is used as a biofungicide, it can not only reduce the use of pesticides in crops, but also ensure the same level of control as other pesticides.

    CeraFruta is the second biological crop protection product that Ceradis has commercialized in the United States in the past eight months. It is expected that by 2021, the fungicide will be further registered on more crops in the US market and other countries in Latin America.

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