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    10 top popular spices in India

    Echemi 2020-05-26

    Various spices in India are popular. Both the aroma of the bakery and the confectionery are so charming.

    Top 10 spices in India: orange, lemon and lime, mango, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter, pineapple, banana and raspberry. At the same time, rum, whiskey and brandy are also very popular in the alcohol category. However, in addition to these, the fragrance is also found that more and more spices can be used in high-end perfumes, including pandan essential oil and roses.

    Top ten flavors

    Oranges: In India, orange flavors are mainly used in beverages and sweets. Because of its particularly good oxidation stability, the market in India is usually very good in such hot climates. For another example, products with stable fruit aromas such as ethyl butyrate and ethyl acetate are also very popular.

    Lemon and lime: Lemon and lime flavors are also used in beverages and confectionery products. Stability is very important, there is rich citral in lemon flavor. The aroma of lime is difficult to obtain from distilled lime oil (α-terpineol) – this product also has a hint of coconut aldehyde and vanillin.

    Mango: Indian mango flavors are unique and powerful, and are often used in beverages and confectionery products. Can be obtained from fragrance raw materials myrcene and diphenyloxygen.

    Vanilla: Vanilla flavor is mostly used in baked products. Various flavors in India rely heavily on vanillin and ethyl vanillin, and are often used together with piperonal and coconut aldehyde, which works well. In addition, it is occasionally used in combination with acetylmethyl prostanol with a buttery aroma.

    Chocolate: Although Indian chocolate flavors are mainly used in confectionery applications, they are also used in dairy products if added in small amounts. The aroma characteristics also mainly emphasize vanillin and cream lactone, and minimize the aroma of arazine.

    Strawberries: Strawberry flavors are widely used in India, more than most other countries. They are used in beverages, confectionery and dairy products. The aroma characteristics are mainly caused by relatively low leaf green gas and obvious aroma and cinnamic acid. Fragrance.

    Butter: In India, butter flavors are very popular in baking applications. Flavors must be stabilized by heat, and are usually used in combination with acetyl methyl pronol and butyric acid.

    Pineapple: Pineapple flavor is suitable for beverages and candy. The main ingredients are usually ethyl butyrate, allyl hexanoate and ethyl maltol.

    Banana: This profile is mainly used for candy applications. In most Indian flavors, vanillin dominates, and eugenol's status is relatively low.

    Raspberry: Raspberry flavor is used in confectionery and usually depends on the aroma of violet and ionone. The aroma of leaf green is relatively slight.

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