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    BASF Issues €2 Billion in Corporate Bonds

    Coatings World 2020-06-01

    On May 28, 2020, BASF successfully placed bonds with a total volume of €2 billion on the capital market. The first tranche has an issue volume of €1 billion, a term of 3 years and an annual coupon of 0.101% and will be used for general corporate financing purposes. With the second tranche, BASF issued its first green bond.
    This has a term of 7 years, a volume of €1 billion and an annual coupon of 0.25%; it serves to finance sustainable products and projects. BASF was able to secure attractive conditions thanks to its very solid financial structure and its leading sustainability position.
    “We are pleased with the successful placement. The strong demand from investors for BASF bonds underscores the capital market’s confidence in our solid financial policies and our sustainability-driven corporate strategy,” said Dr. Hans‑Ulrich Engel, BASF’s CFO. “The initial issue of a green bond now firmly anchors sustainability in BASF’s financing strategy as well.”
    BASF has established a framework for financing instruments based on sustainability criteria.
    This green finance framework enables BASF to finance sustainable products or projects offering a clear benefit to the environment and society with green bonds on the capital market.

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