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    The popular natural ingredients during the epidemic

    Echemi 2020-06-03

    Ecovia Intelligence, a research and consulting firm, said the new crown epidemic is increasing the demand for natural raw materials in the personal care industry. Consumers seek more natural and organic products to maintain their health. It is expected that this market demand will continue to rise after the current crisis.

     Ecovia Intelligence pointed out that during the epidemic, consumers are striving to enhance their personal immunity. Natural raw materials with antibacterial and antiviral properties are the most popular.

     Hot ingredients: from Australian lemon balsam to cannabidiol

     In Australia, for example, local companies reported a surge in market demand for lemon balm essential oil, a raw material used in hand sanitizers and other cleaning products. Australia Natural Products is the largest producer of essential oils of lemon balsam, driven by rising demand, the company planted 180,000 new lemon balsam and anise balsam.

     Tea tree essential oil is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, and its market demand is also boosted during the new crown. The essential oil is widely used in personal care and home care products. Gelair in New South Wales, Australia has developed a series of cleaning products based on tea tree essential oils for use in the marine industry. Fear of the virus has prompted merchant ships and cruise ships to rush to buy Gelair's products to disinfect the pipe ventilation system.

     Ecovia said that Aloe, which has long established its reputation in the personal care industry, has also experienced a rise in demand. During the epidemic, the use of the raw material increased because various companies are producing hand sanitizer in large quantities, and some consumers also make their own home made with aloe.

     Other natural raw materials with high market demand include eucalyptus oil, propolis and oregano. Asian raw material suppliers reported a surge in demand for eucalyptus oil. In Indonesia, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture is actively using eucalyptus oil to prevent the spread of new coronavirus, and has developed ointments, balsam oil, inhalants, and diffusers containing eucalyptus oil.

     Ecovia Intelligence also pointed out that cannabidiol (CBD) remained popular during the outbreak. "Cannabidiol is a characteristic ingredient of many newly released products, including hand sanitizers, creams, lotions and lipsticks. After the UK online retailer Alphagreen reported the outbreak, (consumers) doubled their interest in products containing cannabidiol. Consumers are buying cannabidiol products to address anxiety, insomnia and pain."

     The research consulting firm concluded that the new crown is changing the way we eat, gather, and clean, so it will impact a large number of markets, including the cosmetics and personal care markets. "It is predicted that more natural raw materials will appear in the products we use."

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