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    Cornelius new water-in-silicone emulsifier saves 40% of cost

    Echemi 2020-06-03

    European raw material manufacturer Cornelius has introduced a new water-in-silicone emulsifier, which is said to save raw materials and shorten preparation time.

      The emulsifier is called Cor-Sil Advance and was developed with a cold pressing process. Cornelius claims that Cor-Sil Advance can save up to 75% of its mass production time compared to traditional formulation methods.

      The company stated that the raw material has the same texture, light texture and "elegance". Liam Smith, its head of strategic marketing, said: "Cor-Sil Advance subverts the traditional water-in-silicone formulation and brings a whole new approach to formulators."

      "With Cor-Sil Advance, customers can save up to 40% on the cost of formulation."

      "Combined with energy conservation and capacity liberation, our breakthrough raw material is a cost-effective solution that simplifies the silicone water-in-water formulation process.

      Cornelius claims that the raw material does not contain elastomers, additional film-forming agents or additives.

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