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    Market Analysis - Monthly Report - May, 2020 - Florfenicol

    Echemi 2020-06-04

    Overview of the Current Market Situation

    In May 2020, the overall price of florfenicol showed a downward trend, as follows
    1.Poor market demand, the overseas market is currently affected by the COVID-19. Although the Southeast Asian market continues to resume production. However, the world has not yet fully recovered, and the market inventory digestion cycle is slow. At present, the market mainly focuses on the early digestion of inventory.
    2.Factory-side delivery is not so tight, pre-orders have been delivered one after another, and there is currently much room for bargaining on actual price.
    3.From the perspective of the whole year, June-August is the off-season of florfenicol's market. The lack of downstream demand has increased the sales pressure on the factory side.


    Market Review of May(1)



    Factory capacity








    1100 MT

    Kangmu's API has good quality, large market share and high acceptance. They are mainstream manufacturers of florfenicol. The factory basically does not directly conduct foreign trade, and most of them are through traders.



    1500 MT


    LIBERTY’s API, the main market is in South America, other markets will supply according to the actual output of the factory

    Jiangsu Hansyn Pharmaceutical Co.,LTDPharmaceutical


    1000 MT

    Hansyn's API has very good quality, but the general price is higher than other similar products.


    Market Review of May(2)



    Market Forecast for Next Month






    At present, manufacturers have little inventory pressure, and early orders have been delivered one after another. After June, orders are small, and subsequent inventory pressures are large.

    Market Demand

    Poor market demand, mainly pre-digested inventory has been digested.


    Factory Mentality

    Although the factory side still wants to maintain high prices, the downstream market has poor demand, the prices have been loosened, and the real single bargaining room

    Upstream Raw Materials

    D-P-METHYL SULFONE PHENYL ETHYL SERINATE (CAS:36983-12-7) ester, an important raw material for florfenicol, is currently stable in price, and D-ethyl ester determines the cost line of florfenicol.

    In summary, it is expected that in June 2020, the price of florfenicol will continue to fall, and the price is expected to hover between 54.5-55 / KG.

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