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    Covid-19 Beauty Insight: Lip Care, Sun Protection, Natural and Self Care

    Social Standards 2020-06-19

    Social Standards, a social media consumer analysis and business insight company, analyzes the brands, products, features, and trends that consumers are talking about at multiple social data points to write a new beauty report: "New Crown Beauty Insight-May 2020" (COVID-19 Insights: Beauty-May 2020).

    The report’s findings are as follows:

    The talk of lip care continues to grow, and the popularity of products such as lip scrubs, lip oils, lipsticks and lip masks continues to rise. Consumer concerns seem to focus on softening, moisturizing, dead skin, and soothing.
    Many regions require masks to be worn in public, which has caused consumers to pay attention to skin problems such as inflamed acne, allergies, acne and acne.
    Although the "Do It Yourself" (DIY) discussion has grown significantly during the New Crown epidemic, the conversation about shop beauty services (hair salons, nail salons, spas, etc.) has returned. Although consumers talk about restarting non-essential beauty projects, many people still worry about the new crown virus.
    Although people have been indoors for a long time, the topic of sun protection continues to grow. Consumers call blue light and skin cancer the cause of sun protection.
    In the beauty topic on the social networking site Instagram, people's mention of "working from home" began to decline slightly. However, in May, the topic of beauty at home office involving natural and healthy skin care increased rapidly.
    In the early days of the new crown, sustainability retired, but the topic of ecological awareness continued to grow, and topics related to sustainability returned.
    The topic of self-care continues to grow and is consistent with hot topics in the beauty field. On Instagram, most self-care hot topics go hand in hand with the overall beauty topic. Brands that are highly related to self-care have also increased in the frequency of beauty topics. In fact, the increase in the frequency of each brand in the topic of self-care is directly related to the increase in the discussion of each brand in the topic of beauty.

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