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    New Version Will Come on Mar 12, 2018

    Echemi 2018-03-08

    New Version Will Come on Mar 12, 2018

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    A year’s plan starts in Spring! New version of Echemi English website will launch on March 12, 2018 to provide better services to global customers. New mode of Internet cooperation and more global procurement conferences will come in 2018.

    The new version will launch five service functions to provide buyers personalized services in trading, such as  business information, loan support,  urgent procurement, etc.

    new version-1

    Service A - Promotion Activities

    Echemi will launch various activities for 4 kinds of products every half a month, such as Flash Sales, Group Sales, Special Offers, etc. Most preferential prices and better services will be offered to global buyers.

    new version-2

    Service B - Market Information  

     More than 100 kinds of products’ prices and analyses are updated on the platform every week. From Echemi, global buyers can better know the Chinese chemical market. Moreover, in April, other 200 kinds of products’ prices will be added into the platform to  neet more customers’ need.

    Service C - REACH Search for EU Market

     Search products' REACH registration status and registrants details. Gain insight into the situation of EU chemical market.

    EU Special Service - Any seller who wants to export to EU or expand the business in EU chemical market can try Echemi's EU Special Service.

    REACH Verification Identification - Can help you to find reliable suppliers and products eligible to export to EU quickly.


    Service D - Echemi Mall

    The new Echemi Mall will launch more than 100 kinds of quality products every week. The quality and after-sales service of products are guaranteed. Members of Echemi can enjoy better prices and get extra discounts when they make orders online.

    Service E - Global Procurement  Forum

    Echemi will provide Global Coating and Food Procurement Forum for suppliers and buyers. One buyer can find the best partners and top-quality products from multiple suppliers.

    Service F  - Order Now to Get Total $1,000 Coupons Online



    How to Use?

    When turnover exceeds $30,000, you can use one $100 coupon in 30  days ;

    When turnover  exceeds $50,000, you can use one $200 coupon in 30  days;

    When turnover  exceeds $100,000, you can use one $500 coupon in 30  days;

    Remarks: Echemi enjoys the final interpretation right.

    Echemi provides new services to global buyers since 2018. More applications are on the way: WAP, recommendation for Gold Member,, etc.  Optimize the global chemical resources, and Echemi has been striving to do better. 

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