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    Riley Surface World Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification

    Coatings World 2018-03-13

    Riley Surface World, an Aldridge, West Midlands, U.K.-based reseller, earned ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    The certification assessment program was overseen by Riley Site Director Dave Smith.

    “The decision to apply for certification was taken to provide a clear structure for our team and enhanced confidence for our customers,” Managing Director Michael Riley said. “As dealers in used machinery, we were conscious that there is sometimes a negative perception of what we do. ISO certification helps to dispel that perception and lends more integrity to our products and services.

    “It is also vitally important that our people adhere to the quality standards that ISO demands,” he continued. “This extends to all aspects of our business, including controlling costs, reducing risk, managing quality and improving profitability.

    “Finally, ISO certification enables us to trade with many larger and more diverse companies and organisations where previously our credentials were not sufficient,” Riley concluded. “Our new processes also make it possible to develop long-term relationships with many companies and become recognised as a valued and quality-driven partner.”


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