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    Syrris Introduces New Automated Jacketed Reactor Platform

    World of Chemical 2018-03-13

    Syrris has introduced Atlas HD, an automated jacketed reactor platform for R&D chemists and chemical engineers. With complex multi-step recipe capability, it offers true walk-away chemistry.

    Atlas HD enables supreme flexibility with seamless and tool-free interchangeability of jacketed reactors from 50 mL to 5 L. 

    Thanks to its modular design, Atlas HD can be easily upgraded to perform crystallization, calorimetry, and high-pressure chemistry. An intuitive touchscreen base delivers unmatched capability to define and monitor reaction conditions such as stirring, heating, and dosing in real time and displays all data in a graphical way.

    A range of sensors including turbidity, temperature, pressure, and pH can be configured in addition to automated dosing options using the Atlas Syringe Pump.

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