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    Probiotics Help Coeliacs And Aid Nutrient Absorption, Claim Probi Scientists

    FoodManufacture 2018-04-10

    Probiotics could benefit coeliacs by helping to offset gluten intolerances and aid the intake of nutrients into the body, according to the latest work by scientists at probiotic firm Probi.

    The company conducted a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, including children with a genetic risk of developing gluten intolerance.

    The results showed that Probi’s probiotics had a suppressing effect in coeliac auto-immunity, decreased the immunological responses to gluten intake and might delay the onset of gluten intolerance.

    Clinical evidence

    Probi has also continued to stack up clinical evidence for its Prob FerroSorb offer, which is designed to aid nutrient absorption.

    “The iron absorption indication has been extended from a general female population to target groups such as pregnant women and athletes,” said Wahlqvist. “The addition of health-promoting probiotics, proven to survive the passage through the gastro-intestinal-tract and with the ability to attach and colonise the intestine, will aid a more balanced gut microbiota.

    “If I were a probiotic company operating in the EU, I would use the term. And if the EU objected, I would invite dialogue at comitology [the process by which EU law is modified or adjusted] until all member states are in agreement.”

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