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    Chinese Aniline Market Moved Stably This Week (Apr 6-12, 2018)

    Echemi 2018-04-13

    Market Review: The Chinese aniline market moved stably this week. In East China, some aniline producers cut down their operating rates, which ease the inventory pressure. The downstream demand got better and some producers planned to export some goods next week. In North China and Shandong, the sales were normal. Prices in East China were stable, and market prices in Shandong and North China moved marginally. As for the export, the export price this week was around $1,600/mt FOB China, up $200/mt week on week. The increasing export prices stimulated the export activity in the Chinese market. Producers’ inventories declined to some degree.

    According to the rough calculation, the profit of aniline was around RMB 3,675/mt when taking the average price in East China on April 12 as the example. The profit was unchanged week on week. Benzene and aniline prices remained stable, so the aniline producers’ profits remained unchanged. Up to April 12, the prices of aniline in Shandong and North China were around RMB 11,000/mt, and the average self-delivery price was RMB 11,000/mt by acceptance. Prices of aniline in East China were in the range of RMB 11,000-11,050/mt. The average self-delivery price was RMB 11,025/mt by acceptance.  

    Forecast: Next week, the supply is expected to decline. The export orders will increase and inventories at producers will move down. Some downstream users restart their units and the demand for aniline will increase. Aniline producers hold firm attitudes. It is predicted that the aniline market prices may inch up next week. 

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