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    Half of Vietnam-Origin Rubber Exported to China

    SCI99 2018-06-28


    In May 2018, the export volume and export value of rubber were 93kt and 0.133 billion USD respectively in Vietnam. From January to May, the export volume was 424kt, up 17.4% Y-O-Y. The export value was 0.62 billion USD, down 12.4% Y-O-Y. The average export price was $1,469/mt from January to April, down 27.1% Y-O-Y. Hereinto, the export volume of synthetic rubber was 164kt from January to April, up 2.2% Y-O-Y. The export value was $0.238 billion USD, down 27.1% Y-O-Y.

    China, India and Malaysia were the major export destinations, with the proportions of 58.1%, 7.5% and 4.6% respectively.

    In 2017, Vietnam exported tires to 128 markets. Hereinto, the export value of passenger car tires was 0.592 billion USD, occupying 64.3%. That of truck tires was 0.1462 billion USD, taking up 15.9%. That of motorcycle tires was 77 million USD, accounting for 8.4%. That of bicycle tires was 6.4 million USD, taking up 6.6%.

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