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    Coating Indonesia 2019

    Coatings World 2018-11-08

    Time: Aug 28-30,2019

    LocationJakarta, Indonesia


    According to the market research report of Frost & Sullivan, a global enterprise growth consulting company, in the next two to three years, Indonesia will become the fast-growing paint market in Asia, and the market volume will become the second largest in Asia.This has been driven by developments in the terminal market, including construction, cars, furniture and, of course, population growth.One of the important reasons is the expansion of petrochemical market.In addition, the ship is in the sea, the environment is harsh, the continuous maintenance and repair of the ship paint to pull the continuous demand."Green coating" is encouraged by the government: in order to promote the development of the coating industry, the Indonesian government is committed to encouraging green technology and green coating, and gradually replacing solvent based coating with low VOC coating.

    This exhibition is a paint industry exhibition in Indonesia, focusing on paint, paint, resin and composite materials. It is held simultaneously with ship exhibition, welding exhibition and logistics exhibition, providing a one-stop service platform for upstream and downstream products of the paint industry.
    The successful holding of Coating Indonesia proves once again the influence of this exhibition in Indonesia.The exhibitors also said that the exhibition provides a good opportunity to show, promote the sales of products and increase the opportunity to communicate with customers.

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