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    About Neopentyl Glycol

    Echemi 2019-02-14


    Reviewing the market price trend and changes of Neopentyl glycol in China in 2018, the price center of Neopentyl glycol continued to rise in the first half of the year under the influence of the rising atmosphere of isobutyl aldehyde as raw material and the continuous maintenance of hydrogenation plant.In the second half of the year, as the factory started to resume stability, the market supply rapidly increased, but the downstream resin industry has undergone environmental supervision, PTA boom and other factors related products, resulting in the overall downstream demand continued to shrink, the Neopentyl glycol market opened a downward channel, until the fourth quarter of the price again fell below the low.Within the year, the market high point of Neopentyl glycol is now in June, the position point is in October, and the price fluctuation space is 1000-3500 yuan.


    In 2018, there was a wide gap between the changes in China's Neopentyl glycol production, with the highest yield occurring in January and the total output reaching more than 26,000 tons.The lowest point of annual output and operating rate appeared in July. Due to the low starting rate of the disproportionation plant as a whole and the concentrated parking and maintenance conditions of some hydroprocessing plants, such as daqing sanju, lihua yi and jihua basf, the operating rate dropped sharply to 42.35%, resulting in a large reduction in the overall output in July.Among them, the annual maintenance of wanhua chemical within 6-7 months is the main factor leading to the low yield.Among them, the production of Neopentyl glycol in shandong province was affected to some extent by the peak shift at the beginning of the year and the mid-year Qingdao summit.


    In 2018, China's export volume of new glutaryl glycol (from January to September) was about 7,000 tons, an increase of 40% over the same period in 2017, and the total export volume continued to hit a record high.The month with the most exports was 4.5 months.The main reason for the continued increase in exports this year is the expansion of domestic hydrogen processing capacity, which to some extent stimulates the export trade, and the good development of downstream demand in the asia-pacific region around China is conducive to the export development to some extent.In the future, as domestic capacity continues to expand, the output and imports of mainstream factories are expected to maintain a stable upward momentum.

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