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    The Trend of MDI in China Market

    Echemi 2018-12-03

    Domestic overcapacity, increased supply of imports from Saudi Arabia's dow, weak downstream demand due to environmental protection/monetary tightening, and sharply rising prices of relevant products in F141B market have curtailing downstream demand. As a result of these negative conditions, domestic aggregate MDI market prices have fallen sharply in 2018.The average annual price is 20,619 yuan/ton, down 21.25% month-on-month


    From January to September 2018, the total amount of domestic polymerization MDI imports was 258,610.104 tons, up by 51.07% year on year. In addition to the increase of dow's import sources in 2018, the mother liquor imported by east cao ruian factory was also a major reason. This part of mother liquor was supplied to east cao ruian factory to produce polymerization MDI and pure MDI.


    Affected by the global economic downturn in 2018, domestic aggregate MDI's export growth slowed down from January to September, with a total export of 486866.269 tons, up 10.76% year on year


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