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    Demand for protein predicted to rise

    FoodManufacture 2019-02-13


    Consumer demand will spark a rise in novel high-protein products, according to a distributor of ingredients to the food and drink industry.

    With protein now cemented in the food and beverage market and appealing to the full scope of consumers, distributor Cornelius foresaw an increasing focus on convenient formats that delivered the health and wellbeing benefits of protein consumption, without the heavy calorie cost of some traditional options.

    Cornelius health and nutrition business manager Joy Thomas explained consumers were becoming more aware of the supposed benefits of protein consumption, prompting expectations for a wide range of high-protein food and beverage options to increase.

    ‘Health and fitness goals’

    “Consumers want products that promise additional benefits to suit their health and fitness goals, so demand for convenient, on-the-go options that are low in calories and sugar, such as protein water, is rapidly increasing,” said Thomas.

    The growing demand for high-protein products can be seen across the whole food and drink industry and has become the focus for a number of larger manufacturers.

    Heinz continues to push its Baked Beans as a healthy source of protein, even getting into trouble with watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority for suggesting their health benefits were equal to a protein shake.

    Meal replacements

    Last year saw the rise of meal replacement products, with US brands like Soylent appearing in the UK for the first time. These products offer protein, as well as a wealth of nutrition supplements, to consumers who are in a rush.

    Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s has taken the concept of novel proteins in a completely different direction, becoming the first UK supermarket to list edible crickets in its stores.

    “This is a golden opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to tap into the surge in demand for new high-protein products across a wide range of segments,” Thomas added.

    “Cornelius is working with its partners to bring great ideas and ground-breaking new product development solutions to market to meet these evolving needs.”

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