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    Veterinary drug industry policy, data, event count, industry future

    Echemi 2018-12-14

    2017 inventory of Veterinary Medicine Industry-data

    In recent years, driven by the continuous growth of population and food demand in China, the market scale of veterinary medicine industry in China has steadily increased, and has become the second largest veterinary drug production country after the United States. The data show that by the end of 2017, there were about 2000 veterinary drug manufacturing enterprises, and the gross domestic product of veterinary drugs increased from 21.171 billion yuan in 2008 to 41.357 billion yuan in 2015, and the Chinese veterinary drug market will reach about 52 billion yuan in 2017.



    Based on the exuberant demand of downstream industry and the increase of relevant national policies, the veterinary medicine industry in China has a bright future. In 2017 alone, China's veterinary medicine industry has a bright future. A total of 59 new veterinary drugs were registered, including 1 class 4, 2 13, 3 3 29, 4 4 and 9 5. The veterinary drug industry is booming. It is estimated that the sales of veterinary drugs in China will reach 63 billion yuan by 2022.

    According to the classification standard of the Veterinary Medicine Industry Development report of the China Veterinary Medicine Association, the veterinary drug products in China can be classified into biological products, raw materials, chemical drugs and traditional Chinese medicine, among which the proportion of chemical drugs is the highest, followed by biological products and raw materials. The average sales of chemical preparations accounted for 43.62% of the total sales of veterinary drugs. In recent years, veterinary drugs of Chinese medicinal materials have become the highlight of veterinary drugs because they have no resistance and no drug residues, which are called green veterinary drugs. However, because of this, Chinese veterinary drugs have become unqualified veterinary drugs disaster areas, as shown in the following figure:

    Veterinary Drug sampling in the third quarter of 2017

    percent of pass

    Veterinary biological products

    Traditional Chinese medicine products

    Antibiotic products

    Chemical products

    It can be seen from the diagram that the qualified rate of animal biological products is the highest, reaching 100, and the qualified rate of traditional Chinese medicine is far lower than that of the other several varieties. The main reasons for the nonconformity are related to the production process and quality control and so on.

    With the increasing attention paid by the public to food safety, the Chinese government has increasingly tightened its supervision of veterinary drugs. In 2017, veterinary departments in various localities investigated and dealt with more than 4200 illegal cases and revoked 8 veterinary drug production licenses. Revocation of veterinary drug business license 160, banning of 182 unlicensed business units. At the same time, promote the network veterinary drug fraud, investigate and deal with many cases of illegal operation of veterinary drugs using Taobao and other network platforms according to law, and capture 7 suspects. The comprehensive management of veterinary antibiotics has been advanced in depth, the risk of exceeding the standard of veterinary drug residues has been effectively prevented, and the drug resistance of bacteria from animal sources has been effectively curbed, and positive results have been obtained, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

    At present, the overall qualified rate of veterinary drug residues in pork, chicken and other main livestock and poultry products in China remains at a high level of 99%. In order to ensure food safety, the Ministry of Agriculture revised and issued the Standard for the safe use of Feed Additives, bringing the important varieties of antioxidants and other categories into the scope of management, expanding from 73 varieties of 4 categories to 120 varieties of 8 categories. At the same time, the 5-year work plan of pesticide residue standard system was worked out, and 2087 items of veterinary drug residue limit standard were worked out, which basically covered the common agricultural and veterinary drug varieties and main edible agricultural products in China.

    China has always been the largest potential market for the competition of veterinary drug enterprises in the world. In recent years, the development of the industry has shown signs of slowing down, but due to the rigidity of the market and the external environmental trend of the large-scale development of animal husbandry in China, With the implementation of Belt and Road strategy, the international trade in animal and animal products is becoming more and more frequent, and the veterinary medicine industry in China is still facing a good development space.

    At the same time, under the guidance of market demand and national policies, veterinary drugs that are safe, efficient and low residue will gradually replace those with poor safety, low conversion rate and high residue rate, and will be widely used in animal husbandry and feed industry. Become the mainstream Product of Veterinary Medicine Market in the Future .

    Inventory of 2017 Veterinary Medicine Industry-events

    At present, the competitive pattern of the global veterinary medicine industry presents an oligopolistic pattern. Large veterinary drug enterprises continue to expand their competitive advantage and market position by means of mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, etc. The world's top five veterinary drug companies, represented by the United States, have a market share of more than 60. And in our country, more and more veterinary drug enterprises, through acquisition, reorganization and merger, constantly enhance their own advantages and complement their own weaknesses. In 2017, Shihua merged with Norbway and Jin Yu acquired 46.96% of the shares of Liaoning Yikang. Tianbang's acquisition of 20.4% stake in China Mobile Insurance, the merger and reorganization of these three veterinary medicine industries has aroused people's attention. Outside concern, make the competition of veterinary medicine industry more intense.

    In 2017, a storm of environmental protection swept across the country, resulting in a wave of production restrictions, shutdown, rectification and closure in various industries, leading to a serious imbalance between supply and demand in the market, a sustained surge in the prices of many kinds of raw materials, and the veterinary medicine industry.

    2017 Environmental Protection measures and their impact

    Under the influence of the "environmental storm", the prices of many kinds of main raw materials in the veterinary medicine industry have continued to rise by a large margin, the pressure on enterprise operating costs is increasing, many pharmaceutical enterprises have shut down their businesses, and the upgrading of environmental protection intensifies the fluctuation of veterinary drug prices. This is also 2017 veterinary drug price rise greatly one of the main causes.

    The merger and acquisition and reorganization of veterinary medicine industry will help to improve the R & D innovation ability of enterprises, and at the same time, with their own financial strength and strong product R & D capability, they can continuously improve the product technology and technology level.

    A large number of products with higher technical content and higher added value were introduced. We can believe that with the intensification of competition in the industry and the gradual upgrading of the requirements on technology and environmental protection, the concentration of the veterinary medicine market is expected to further increase in the future. In addition, our country is a big country in the production of chemical raw materials, especially the production capacity of fermentative pharmaceutical products ranks first in the world, and the "three wastes" produced in the production process of raw materials are large and the wastes are formed. Because of its complexity and serious pollution hazards, the actual situation of pharmaceutical environmental protection appears to be more severe.

    The action of environmental storm escalation makes the raw material medicine enterprises face a life-and-death test directly, and the environmental protection requirements raise the technical barriers of the pharmaceutical industry. Enterprises must improve their core competitiveness through environmental protection technology and technology. The "environmental storm" may force the elimination of small, dispersed API enterprises and the transformation and upgrading of large-scale API enterprises.

    Inventory of Veterinary Medicine Industry in 2017: policy

    In 2017, the event of farmers abusing quindox and other drug feed additives was exposed, and the safety of veterinary drugs became the focus of attention all over the country. In response, regulators have taken a series of measures to ensure food safety.

    2017 laws and regulations concerning the veterinary medicine industry

    At present, four kinds of food safety problems are highlighted in our country. Among them, the abuse of veterinary drug products and the problem of drug residues are the most closely related to the animal husbandry industry. The abuse of veterinary drug products in the process of breeding will bring risks to the health of human beings. In particular, the problem of antibiotics-antibiotic abuse, prone to spawning "super bacteria", has attracted high attention. Therefore, to innovate the quality and safety supervision means of veterinary drugs, we should continue to implement the "two-dimension code" traceability management system of veterinary drugs, continue to promote GMP certification and GSP pilot projects, start with veterinary drug sampling and flight inspection of manufacturing enterprises, and strengthen quality supervision. Perfect laws and regulations continuously, combine in many ways In order to improve the quality of veterinary drugs, the management of veterinary drug residues and the ability to ensure food safety of animal origin, we can effectively solve the problems of veterinary drug counterfeiting and veterinary drug abuse, so as to ensure the safety of people's food.

    Comprehensive top

    From a series of changes in the veterinary medicine industry in 2017, we can see that with the vigorous promotion of the concept of green farming, the national drug ban will become more and more powerful, and the public will pay more attention to food safety. The laws and regulations of veterinary medicine industry will be more perfect, and the precision, specialization and scale of veterinary medicine enterprises will be improved. The healthy development of the veterinary medicine industry can not be separated from the guidance of relevant systems and policies.

    It requires the effective participation of government departments, the systematic solution of the problems encountered in the development of the veterinary medicine industry, the strategic planning of the development of the veterinary medicine industry, the survival of the fittest, the merger and integration of the inferior. Encouraging domestic veterinary drug manufacturing enterprises to strengthen technology and product development, Find out the context of the times and systematically solve the problems encountered in the development of veterinary medicine industry; In terms of food residues, the veterinary medicine industry will be favored for its high efficiency, safety, low residue and high value for money.

    In this form, Chinese veterinary medicine will become the new favorite of the veterinary medicine industry. Chinese veterinary drug additives will be widely used in the prevention, treatment of animal diseases, or as feed additives to replace antibiotics; In addition, the issue of environmental protection caused by the pharmaceutical industry has become a matter of life and death for pharmaceutical enterprises. In the face of more and more stringent environmental protection requirements, environmental protection has become the key to the success of transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical enterprises. Pharmaceutical enterprises must actively practice it. Green production, environmental protection first, pharmaceutical industry can get more development opportunities.

    In a word, with the rapid development of animal husbandry in China, the output value of animal husbandry is increasing continuously. Our veterinary medicine industry will face a rapidly expanding market, and the sales of veterinary medicine market will continue to grow.

    The market decides the supply, the change of the market demand impels the change of the veterinary medicine enterprise, the veterinary medicine enterprise must meet the customer's demand from the single cure to the system prevention health care direction. It is also necessary to strengthen the breadth and depth of technical services and develop new veterinary drug varieties to deal with complex and changeable diseases. Thanks to the strong demand of downstream industry chain and the support of relevant national policies, the veterinary medicine industry in China will develop well in the future.

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