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    DJAZAGRO 2019

    Echemi 2018-11-08

    Time: Feb 25-28 ,2019

    LocationAlgiers, Algeria



    One of the largest and most professional food and food packaging machinery exhibitions in north Africa.

    The Algerian food fair DJAZAGRO has been held annually since 2003 and is hosted by Comexposium, the largest French exhibition company that has hosted the SIAL series.

    Strong professionalism: this exhibition has high requirements for the exhibition audience and exhibitors, and the exhibition is only open to professional audience to ensure the quality of the exhibition audience.DJAZAGRO is the first choice for purchasers in Algeria's food industry to understand the development trend and status quo of food and related products at home and abroad.As the first market in north Africa, DJAZAGRO provides exhibitors with a platform to meet more than 20,000 professional buyers and is the best place for exhibitors to find distributors.

    Good communication channels: during the exhibition, a series of well-planned conferences and seminars were held at the same time as the exhibition. The conferences and seminars built communication channels for information exchange and business dialogue between exhibitors and visitors, and played a bridge role in business communication between large and small enterprises.At DJAZAGRO's booth, exhibitors will be among the leading companies in the food industry, which will help them build a good corporate image in Algeria, a market with strong potential growth trends.

    Ideal platform: to participate in this exhibition, you can have a more direct understanding of the development of Algeria and even the world's products and the specific market demand, which is conducive to improving the technical content of products, adjusting and improving the structure of products, laying a foundation for the production of high-quality products, as well as providing guidance for improving export and ensuring normal export.

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