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    Abrafati 2019

    Echemi 2018-11-08

    Time: Oct 1-3 , 2019

    LocationSao Paulo, Brazil


    ABRAFATI, sponsored by the association of Brazilian coatings manufacturers, has held 15 consecutive sessions and will hold its 15th grand meeting in 2019.This exhibition is South America has the scale and the influence the coating profession exhibition, its exhibition area and the audience number are not only second to none in South America, is also in the world coating profession scope top row.Its exhibitors include dow chemical, basf, bayer, dupont, wintronics, Eastman, air products, klein, huntsman, Merck, lanxess, rodiya, rohm haas, biker and many other multinational chemical giants, covering an extremely comprehensive industry.

    It is a rare opportunity to attend the Brazil international coating exhibition of Sao Paulo, which attracts more than 500 coating enterprises from Brazil and Latin America.Brazil and Latin America have annual demand of more than 160 million litres and annual sales of more than $4 billion.


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    ABRAFATI 2019

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