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    Weak Operation of Titanium Dioxide Market

    Echemi 2019-02-13

    At the end of the year, the market of titanium dioxide has not improved. At present, the domestic mainstream quotation of rutile sulfuric acid is 15300-17000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream report of anatase titanium dioxide is 12800-14000 yuan/ton.

    It is known that the demand for raw titanium dioxide in the main downstream areas such as coatings and papermaking was greatly reduced due to the haze weather in North China and East China in the early period; the starting rate of titanium concentrates in Panxi was slightly increased, and the stability of the market was weakened due to the increase of supply; and the price of titanium dioxide went downward when the construction rate in Northeast China and other places turned sharply.

    The export situation is also unsatisfactory. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, the export volume of titanium dioxide in October this year was 62974.78 tons, which was 6.8% lower than that of the previous year and 13.42% lower than that of the previous year. According to a large manufacturer, the stock of raw materials in downstream enterprises such as Europe is large at present, and the export volume in the future may be further reduced.

    According to Yang Xun, an analyst of titanium industry, domestic demand for titanium dioxide is weak, export of foreign trade is shrinking, the main raw material titanium concentrate is at downside risk, and the price is stable and weak. Towards the end of recent years, the weakness has been overshadowed again by the impulse to release goods and the tightening of collection.

    Fu Yijiang, deputy secretary-general of the Titanium Dioxide Industry Branch of China Coatings Industry Association, said that the demand for Titanium Dioxide in the market will gradually decrease as the weather turns cold, and the loosening price of European Titanium Dioxide will also put pressure on the export of domestic Titanium Dioxide. 

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