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    Polychem Powder Coatings Launches 2019-20 Color Trends

    Coatings World 2019-01-10


    Polychem Coatings, part of IFS Coatings, launched its 2019-20 powder coating color trends.

    The Polychem Powder Coatings Color Trends 2019/20 is made up of four trends, each featuring its own palette of colors: “Because I am,” “The Future Is Here,” “All’s Well…,” and “One For All.”

    “Our color trend palettes are carefully created to represent what’s happening in the world,” Polychem Manager Lauren Bayer said. From the increasing trend for personalization and the continued effect of technology on our lives – what seemed futuristic only a few years ago is now becoming mainstream – to the idea of wellness and changing social expectations, the Polychem color trends showcase both colors and special effects that represent these trends.”

    Each color in the Polychem color trend palette has been carefully chosen to represent that trend and they work well together or alone. Descriptions of each trend, as well as the colors, pictures and even a short video, are available in the color section of the Polychem website.

    “Our color team creates thousands of beautiful colors every year and so ensuring the latest trends are available in gorgeous, easy to apply, competitively priced, quality powders is simple,” Bayer said.

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