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    Titanium dioxide production increased slightly

    Echemi 2019-02-13

    The reporter learned from the titanium dioxide sub-center of the productivity promotion center of the chemical industry that the center recently conducted annual production data statistics for each member unit. In 2018, the comprehensive output of 39 full-process large-scale titanium dioxide production enterprises that can maintain normal production is 2,953,800 tons, an increase of 84,000 tons compared with 2017, with an increase rate of 2.94%.

    Of the total production of 2,953,800 tons of titanium dioxide, the rutile type was 2,292,000 tons, accounting for 77.61%.The anatase type was 507,600 tons, accounting for 17.18%.Other titanium dioxide for non-pigment use was 154,000 tons, accounting for 5.21%.

    In addition, China imported 209,200 tons of titanium dioxide in 2018, down 2.7 percent year-on-year, according to customs statistics.Exports totaled about 907,200 tons, up 9.18 percent year-on-year.

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