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    Looking at the Trend of Coatings Market in 2019 through the Four Trends

    Echemi 2019-02-14

    No matter how hard it is, 2018 has passed smoothly. What will happen to the paint market in 2019? We might as well make some bold guesses.

    Trend 1

    Market Scale of Environmental Protection Products Further Expansion

    At present, China's construction industry is developing in the direction of energy saving, green and environmental protection, which has led to the rapid growth of environmentally friendly products such as low VOC and water-based products. At the same time, the demographic structure of consumers has also undergone great changes. With the vigorous development of China's economy, a large number of "new middle class" characterized by quality of life are rising. They pay more attention to environmental protection and healthy home life, and promote the consumption of green environmental protection products.

    Consumers are more rational in choosing and using products. In the process of choosing and purchasing products, they may learn about environmental protection knowledge through various channels. With frequent decoration pollution incidents, consumers'awareness of environmental protection has been greatly strengthened, and their ability to identify environmental protection of household products has also been greatly improved. Some paint products which simply depend on the concept of fried and whose actual environmental protection performance is not up to the standard will gradually be abandoned by the market and consumers.

    As far as the whole paint market is concerned, homogeneity is very serious. Most domestic enterprises blindly follow the trend and lack innovation. Art paints are on fire. Everyone makes art paints. Children's paints are on fire. Everyone makes children's paints. There are many kinds of products, but few enterprises can really make a category. For coatings enterprises, not only to strengthen enterprise publicity and promote brand building, but also to seek product differentiation through technological innovation, effectively improve the environmental protection performance of products, so that consumers can rest assured of consumption.

    Trend two

    The trend of convergence of upstream and downstream industrial chains is gradually strengthened

    From the perspective of the industrial chain, paint enterprises are in the middle reaches, downstream is the real estate and other applications and end-users, while retail is directly or indirectly through agents, channel providers to reach users, the whole industrial chain is more decentralized, upstream and downstream separatism is more serious, and the synergy effect is poor.

    Retail focuses on the coverage of channels, that is, the number of stores, the more groups covered, the more market share. The key point of the project is to form a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with real estate developers. With the popularity of hardbound houses and long-Rent apartments, the decision-making power of paint solutions will change from terminal consumers to engineering developers such as Vanke and Biguiyuan. The engineering-end business of paint enterprises will further develop. The proportion of engineering-end business income in total sales is increasing, and the retail business will gradually shrink.

    Of course, strategic cooperation is also not * with downstream enterprises, as well as with upstream raw materials enterprises or even cross-border cooperation. Coatings enterprises cooperate with upstream raw material enterprises to obtain stable raw material supply, cooperate with downstream enterprises to promote product application and achieve win-win situation. As far as the current trend is concerned, the convergence of upstream and downstream industrial chains is gradually strengthening.

    Trend three

    Service has become an increasingly important competitive factor

    The "golden decade" of real estate has passed, and now it has entered the era of stock. According to statistics, the total area of residential buildings in China has exceeded 50 billion square meters. Since 2008, the first batch of renovated houses in China ushered in 15 years of renovation age, which provided an objective basis for the re-painting market. With the completion of residential area into the release period of old house renovation, the huge market capacity of renovation has been released accordingly.

    Mainstream domestic coatings enterprises are making great efforts to re-paint the market, scrambling for the stock market has become a new competitive pattern among manufacturers. Compared with the new market, the repainting market has put forward higher requirements for the integrated service ability of coatings enterprises. Therefore, the consumer-centered repainting service has developed rapidly in China.

    However, the development of re-painting service in China is relatively short, most of the enterprise development planning has not really landed, nor established a unified standard, market competition is disordered, overall is still relatively chaotic, brand size effect has not yet fully reflected. Compared with developed countries in Europe, there is still a big service gap in China's re-painting market.

    Taking Germany as an example, 60%-70% of the whole construction material market in Germany is used for renovation and renovation of existing buildings, and only 30% of the new construction market. China is also developing in the same direction, with a sharp decrease in new buildings and continuous renovation and renovation of existing buildings. In this case, service has become an increasingly important competitive factor, service upgrading or the key to break through coating enterprises.

    Trend four

    Thermal insulation and decoration panels have become a new battlefield for paint enterprises

    After several years of development, thermal insulation and decoration panels have gradually emerged in the construction materials market. Several early start enterprises, such as Astro Energy, Guke, Juno, Fust, have formed a mature industrial chain, which occupies a certain share in the market. Especially as energy-saving and thermal insulation decoration materials * shares, ASC achieved sales of 194 million yuan and 170 million yuan in 2017, respectively, with a very rapid development momentum in the industry. In the brand evaluation of suppliers of China's top 500 real estate companies in 2017, Astronaut ranked in the category of decorative and thermal insulation panels in the sub-list of thermal insulation materials.

    The requirement of building energy saving in our country has been raised from 30% to 50%, and 65% energy saving has been implemented in some areas, which strongly promotes the rapid development of building insulation material industry. In the 13th Five-Year Plan, it is clearly stated that by 2020, the proportion of green building area in new urban buildings will be increased.

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