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    Analysis of import and export data of talc in March 2018

    Echemi 2019-03-12

    In recent years, the international market has been an important driving force for the development of China's talc industry. With the development of China's economy and the improvement of production technology, through efforts, China has entered the international market with high quality talc series products that meet international standards. In addition, with the promulgation of relevant policies and regulations, China has strengthened the development of talc deep processing industry and further strengthened the comprehensive utilization of talc resources. China is one of the countries with the largest talc reserves and production in the world and has a considerable industrial base. The domestic proven talc reserves can fully meet the needs of China's cross-century national economic development, and talc resources in China have been selling well in the international market. However, it is worth noting that in recent years, the high-grade talc raw materials around China have obvious advantages over domestic prices. Faced with these competitions, the export volume of talc fluctuates in different periods. The following is a statistical table of China's talc exports in March 2018.

    Talc is a kind of silicate mineral with layered structure. It is white or various light colors, greasy gloss (massive) or pearl gloss (flaky aggregate), translucent. It has slippery feeling, strong insulation and insulation. Talc is widely used in papermaking, ceramics, rubber, paint, refractories, textiles, dyes, foundry and pharmaceutical industries. Bulk talc with soft, slippery and soft luster is used for carving handicraft materials.

    Plastic industry is the most concerned area of talc manufacturers worldwide, especially automotive plastics, which has been driven by the growth of automotive industry since 2011. Manufacturers predict that talc products with high value will be a new growth point. Plastics play an enhanced role in light vehicles and have a larger development space. This trend has prompted some talc producers to invest in new talc products for polymers.

    Talc deposits in China are widely distributed in 15 provinces and autonomous regions, but relatively concentrated in Liaoning, Shandong, Guangxi, Jiangxi and Qinghai provinces (regions), and the total reserves account for 95% of the total national resources. The preliminary statistics of talc reserves in the world are about 900 million tons, and the identified reserves in the world are about 2.9 billion tons. According to the data released by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Ministry of Land and Resources of China, the world's talc deposits (including pyrophyllite) are distributed in more than 40 countries and regions, mainly in the United States, Brazil, China, France, Finland and Russia. In addition, there are talc deposits in Korea and Japan, but mainly in pyrophyllite. Over the past two years, the output and consumption of talc in the world have been stable, and the consumption structure of talc in Asian countries is different from that in North America and Europe. From a worldwide perspective, talc industry in Pakistan, India and other countries has risen rapidly, the devaluation of Euro and US dollar has enhanced the competitiveness of local products in Europe and America, the status of talc in China has been challenged, its share and importance are declining, and the situation that the world talc market relies too much on China has changed quietly.

    If China's export costs continue to rise, the export market will shrink too fast. At present, the price of high-grade raw materials in our country is higher than that in other countries. Some products are close to or even exceed the international market price. Most of the low-grade products will lose competitiveness because of the high price.

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