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    Local vegetable production will be accelerated as the weather warms up and veget

    Echemi 2019-03-22

    Local vegetable production will be accelerated as the weather warms up and vegetable prices will be reduced simultaneously

    Jiangcheng people who have been eating "high-priced dishes" since the Spring Festival will find that their food basket has finally "lightened". Reporter visits found that with the continuous warming of the weather, Wuhan local vegetables grow rapidly, and production is also accelerating. Recently, the prices of more than ten kinds of vegetables have fallen, mostly from 0.3 yuan to 1 yuan cheaper than last week, with the highest drop of 20%.

    More than ten kinds of vegetable prices began to fall

    Yesterday morning, Ms. Fu, who lives in Hanyang, bought a broccoli, two cucumbers and a ladle at a vegetable market near Wangjiawan, which cost less than 10 yuan. "These two days, I feel that the price of these dishes is obviously cheaper. Last week, I bought these dishes for at least ten yuan." Ms. Fu said.

    In this vegetable market, the reporter saw many newly marketed leaf vegetables, including spinach 3.5 yuan a kilogram, cabbage heart 4.5 yuan a kilogram, bamboo leaf vegetables 4.5 yuan a kilogram. Traders say the price is about 0.5 yuan lower than it was between the end of February and the beginning of March. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > the price reduction of melon and fruit vegetables is more obvious. Among them, broccoli dropped from 4.5 yuan to 3.8 yuan, cucumber, eggplant, balsam pear and towel gourd all dropped from 4 yuan to 3.5 yuan per kilogram, ladle from 5 yuan to 4 yuan, a drop of up to 20 percent.

    Subsequently, the reporter came to the vegetable market of Hankou Aviation Road, and also found that there was a trend of price reduction for a variety of vegetables. Even the most seasonal pea tip dropped from 4 yuan per catty to 3.5 yuan. Lu Shifu, who runs a variety of vegetables, said that recently more than 10 local vegetables, such as Artemisia selengensis, Chinese cabbage bolt and red cabbage bolt, began to drop their prices, which dropped by more than 0.5 yuan per kilogram. Over ten of the 20 vegetable varieties in the Baishazhou market in Wuhan from last week to now have seen their prices fall, with the average wholesale price dropping by 2.48%.

    The main reason is that the local leaf vegetable production in Wuhan has accelerated and the prices have been lowered after the local climate continues to warm up. "The main reason why food prices have been high in the past is that there are too few local dishes. Now the market of lettuce in the suburbs of Wuhan has increased, and the market price has dropped more obviously. Mr. Xia, a wholesaler in the vegetable market, told reporters that since the steady warm and sunny weather in Wuhan in early March, the daily entrance of leafy vegetables has increased substantially, especially those with large consumption of cabbage, rapeseed, Chinese cabbage seedlings and other vegetables, which had a high price in the earlier period, and now the decline rate is more than 20%.

    The citizens obviously feel that the price of vegetables is cheaper. Experts from Wuhan Modern Agricultural Education Center said that with the gradual stabilization of the local warm spring climate, the market of fast-growing varieties of suburban vegetables will continue to increase. At the same time, the imports from other provinces are also increasing, the competition in the vegetable market will increase, and the citizens will eat more cheaply. Mr. Dong, a vegetable broker, told reporters that after March, the climate of the main vegetable producing areas in the province, including Wuhan, was very suitable for vegetable growth, and vegetable output was increasing everywhere. At the same time, the incoming volume of main vegetable producing areas in Shandong, Liaoning, Yunnan and Guangxi also showed a steady growth trend. The market as a whole has a larger supply, richer varieties and more choices than before, and prices will continue to show an overall downward trend.

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