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    "Cosmetic Eggs": Getting off the shelf is not the end of the event

    Echemi 2019-03-22

    Whether "make-up eggs" will be "sick" again after they are off the shelves is the concern of consumers.

    CCTV's "3.15" evening exposed that the famous Shendan brand and Liantian brand of "earth eggs" in Hubei Province were actually imitating ordinary eggs. At the same time, they played cat fat on the trademark and registered "fresh earth" and "good soil" trademarks respectively, which made consumers mistake them as "earth eggs". After being exposed, a number of e-commerce platforms off the shelf "Shendan" products. In response to doubts, Shendan's official microblog responded that "good soil" is a legal trademark, and has never advertised that eggs come from free-range breeding. In the future, the trademark "good soil" will only be used for free-range eggs. The response of Shendan Company to

    is that avoidance is more important than lightness. Generally speaking, there are two core meanings: one is that the use of "good soil" trademark is legal and effective; the other is to strengthen food safety and publicity-oriented training for all employees, especially front-line employees. This is similar to what chickens and ducks say. Public opinion questioned the "make-up" of ordinary eggs into earth eggs, you said that adding cantharidin yellow to chicken feed is permitted in the relevant provisions of the state; public opinion questioned the suspected misleading consumers, you said that trademarks are legitimate. It is true that cantharidin yellow can be added to poultry feed in relevant national regulations, but the specific amount of cantharidin yellow added does not seem to be clearly defined. The exposed "make-up eggs" have a darker yolk color. Is there any excessive addition of cantharidin yellow? There is no definition of "earthen eggs" in the relevant national standards, but it does not mean that people can make misleading propaganda. The "fresh earth" brand eggs become "fresh earth eggs" and the "good earth" brand eggs become "good earth eggs", which obviously has the suspicion of misleading consumers. Moreover, the price of ordinary eggs after "make-up" is 1 to 2 times higher, suspicious of fraudulent consumers.

    Market derailment is a severe punishment, especially for the whole brand goods, which is equivalent to cutting off the sales channels of the brand. In addition to the ratings and market effects of CCTV's "3.15" evening party, we believe that Shendan Company will pay a heavy market price for "make-up eggs". However, getting off the shelf should not be the end of this event. According to the Beijing News, the brand has a history that is not reassuring. Sudan red was detected in eggs in 2006, and was fined by Tianjin authorities for false propaganda in 2015. According to Skynet Survey data, the company has 49 risks of its own. Therefore, consumers should be worried about whether "make-up eggs" will come back with "illness".

    According to the website of the General Administration of Market Supervision, after the CCTV "3.15" evening party, the Bureau asked the relevant local market supervision departments to seriously investigate and deal with the enterprises involved in the evening party exposure cases and the relevant responsible personnel, and crack down heavily on illegal acts that infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, such as manufacturing and selling counterfeit and inferior products. It is believed that with the investigation of administrative law enforcement, many problems that the enterprises involved will avoid will come to the surface. Even so, it seems that we can't stop there. According to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, if a business operator commits fraudulent acts in providing goods or services, the consumer may claim three times compensation; for "acts that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of many consumers", the consumer associations at or above the provincial level may bring a lawsuit to the people's court. Accordingly, the relevant consumer associations may, on behalf of the vast number of consumers, make-up earth and eggs for a comment, so as to work together in a multi-pronged manner, to purify the market order and market behavior, and protect consumer rights and interests. Yannong 

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