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    Antibacterial and deodorant developed with crude chaff

    Echemi 2019-04-15


    According to the Tokyo Branch of the Trade Association, Sony, a home appliances monopoly, has recently mastered the mass production technology of carbon materials from crude chaff.

    According to the company, the carbon material can remove the pollution, bacteria, viruses and odors in water, has a significant role in purifying air and water, and can be widely used in clothing, cosmetics and other fields. Sony calls this new material'Triple'. The principle of Triple is similar to that of activated carbon. It adsorbs odor substances into very small porous structures. Traditional activated carbon is mostly less than 2 nanometers. The new carbon materials are classified into three types: below 2 nanometers, 2 nanometers to 50 nanometers, 1 micron and so on.

    In order to treat crude chaff with medicament, it will float in water, and air will fly in order to dry it, so it is difficult to deal with it. Because there are many silica (preservatives) in it, we have been studying the methods of removing silica and using it conveniently, and finally mastered a lot of production technology.

    SONY uses Triple to launch patent and other products such as water and air filtration. It is simpler to introduce products to other companies through patent intellectual property rights visualization.

    Mitsuya Corporation is currently using'Triple'to develop deodorizing fibers, and Ledun Pharmaceutical has commercialized the bathing solution with the effect of capturing odor pathogens.

    Sony is recruiting companies that can commercialize Triple.

    Sony Intellectual Property Incubation Business Producer said that "with the expansion of the environmental protection market, the number of cooperative customers is increasing, looking forward to the future'Triple'can be more widely used, because purification and sterilization is not Sony's business area, so it is recruiting enterprises that can industrialize it."

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