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    Mandalay anti-counterfeiting label officially launched on April 1!

    Echemi 2019-04-15



    In the coatings industry, counterfeit and inferior products appear in large numbers with the development of the industry, which has become a very prominent problem hindering the development of enterprises and product promotion. Fake and inferior commodities are prohibited repeatedly, and the harm to enterprises and consumers is very serious. The circulation of counterfeit and inferior products in the market not only brings sales pressure to enterprises, but also affects their reputation. More importantly, the toxic and harmful substances in counterfeit and inferior products are often higher or even much higher than those in regular products. This will affect the health of consumers, and even have serious consequences.

    So Mandeley spent a lot of energy on introducing anti-counterfeiting system and upgrading all product labels to protect consumers'rights and interests.

    Starting from April 1, 2019, this anti-counterfeiting label has been officially activated, and the anti-counterfeiting instructions will be delivered with the delivery vehicle (as shown in the following atlas). Please pay attention to checking when receiving the goods.

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