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    Russian Local Food Year Initiative awaits Putin's approval

    Echemi 2019-04-15



    Irina Klimkina, president of the Russian Cultural and Food Tourism Association, said that she had proposed to Russian President Putin that 2020 should be designated as the year of local delicacies in Russia, according to the News.

    In recent years, gourmet tourism has been rapidly warming up worldwide. Proponents said that Russia has many food and cultural attractions. By holding a local food year, it can not only carry forward the traditional Russian diet, but also develop local potential and attract more tourists. In March this year, the Russian Federal Tourism Administration announced the launching of local food festivals within the framework of the National Food Map project to promote tourism development. By the end of 2019, chefs, restaurant entrepreneurs and producers from more than 10 regions in Russia will participate in the activities of the local food festival.

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