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    2019, Opening a New Chapter of Red Polaroid BASF Cooperation

    Echemi 2019-04-24



    Following last month's friendly talks with Rui Yimin, president of Red Polaroid Group, led by Dr. Fan Anjuan, global president of BASF Intermediate, the cooperation between the two sides was further substantively promoted this month. On April 2, Nanjing Red Polaroid International Trade Co., Ltd. signed a three-year cooperation agreement with Basf Characteristic Chemicals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. On the morning of April 2, Mr. Zhai Yabi (right) and Mr. Sun Huarong

    Mr. Zhai Yabi, Vice-Director of Basf East Asia, Mr. Bai Fuliang, Director of Business Management of Basf (China) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Cheng Guoliang, Equipment Manager of Basf Characteristic Chemicals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., arrived at HongPoli Headquarters and joined with General Manager of Nanjing HongPoli International Trade Co., Ltd. Sun Huarong and his delegation held a day-long negotiation to further communicate and negotiate the details of the cooperation. Finally, in a friendly atmosphere, the two sides signed a three-year cooperation agreement on raw materials. It is known that BASF Characteristic Chemicals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of special amines, water treatment agents and paint additives. The two major production bases of the company and Hongbaoli Group are located in Nanjing Chemical Park, and their geographical location is relatively close, which also provides convenient conditions for this cooperation. In recent years, the relationship between Red Polaroid and BASF has become closer and closer. It has carried out deep-seated exchanges and multi-dimensional cooperation in business, culture, technology and other aspects. It is believed that the scope of cooperation between the two sides will be wider in the future.


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