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    Fi Vietnam 2020

    Qufair 2019-07-19

    Date: Apr 1-3, 2020

    LocationSaigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


    FI Vietnam2020

    Fi Vietnam is one of a series of professional exhibitions on food ingredients and additives sponsored by UBM. The exhibition is held every two years in Vietnam. Fi Vietnam has brought together experts from the food, health and natural ingredients industries around the world. This exhibition has become the highest platform for international food ingredients professionals to carry out business activities.


    Gelling agents, herbs and condiments lecithin, poultry products, dairy products, mineral nuts, organic food ingredients;

    Preservatives, proteins, flavoring agents, soy products, starch and its products, edible sugar and syrup vitamins, yeast;

    Food additives, acidifiers, amino acids and derivatives, antioxidants, baked goods, meat products, cereal cheeses;

    Food coloring fermentation food, dairy products, emulsifier, fiber food, seafood, flavor flavor flavor flavor, fruit and vegetable products.

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