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    CPhI Worldwide Europe 2019

    Qufair 2019-04-19

    Date: Nov 5-7, 2019

    Location: Exhibition Centre Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany


     CPhI Worldwide is a famous exhibition in pharmaceutical raw materials, as well as a professional exhibition in intermediates. The show travels annually between France, Germany and Spain.


    1) Active pharmaceutical ingredients: vitamins, hormones, sulfa, antipyretic analgesics, tetracycline, amino acid and its derivatives, chloramphenicol, digestive system drugs, anti-infection, penicillin and other aminoglycoside, clindamycin, cardiovascular drugs, parasitic disease drug resistance, cephalosporin class, large ring lactone class, respiratory medicine, central nervous system drugs, other western medicine raw materials

    2) Auxiliary materials and dosage forms: excisant, flow aid, enteric material, antioxidant, sweetener, permeability enhancer, preservative, disintegrating agent, coating material, surfactant, shading agent, essence, filter aid, stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, solvent, taste correction agent, colorant, clarifier, PH regulator

    3) Other natural extracts: Plant extract, animal extract, Chinese medicine raw materials, functional food ingredients, health food raw materials, nutrition health products, beauty cosmetics raw material, supplements, dietary fiber raw materials, biological products reagent, antibodies, nucleic acid and protein synthesis, carrier and building detection, cell biology, animal/plant/antigen peptide protein, nucleic acid analysis, library and build, biochemistry, standard/reference substance, detection of protein, nucleic acid detection, cloning and expression, chemical reagent, microbe, protein, nucleic acid purification, expression analysis, immune detection, DNA synthesis and purification, cell, protein purification, clinical detection reagent, protein modification,RNAi technology, stem cells, test reagents, enzymes, PCR/ rt-pcr, cell culture, drug screening

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