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    The World's First Bacterial Cosmetics

    Echemi 2019-04-24


    The world's first "bacterial" cosmetics came out.

    Korea Cosmax recently announced that the world's first "microbial community" cosmetics using skin probiotics to achieve anti-aging effect has been successfully developed.

    Most of the existing anti-aging cosmetics use plant materials as functional ingredients. The newly developed cosmetics use the anti-aging microorganism Strain CX found in the human microbial community. The bacteria are abundant in the skin of young women and disappear with the growth of women's age, which is directly related to skin aging.

    Cosmetics containing "Strain CX" ingredients will inhibit cell aging and help skin probiotics to maintain their activity, thus creating a clear and transparent skin state.

    Cosmetic began the microbial community related research in 2011, which took nine years to obtain this result. The company plans to apply for related patents and publish its research results in the first half of this year through the Journal Nature.

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