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    After-sales Technical Service of Powder Coatings

    Echemi 2019-04-25


    Abstract: The mode and function of after-sale technical service of powder coatings are introduced, and the main points and principles of on-site technical service are mainly explained.

    1. Introduction

    Powder coatings and coating technology have been applied in China for nearly 40 years. There are about 2000 domestic powder coatings manufacturers, and tens of thousands of different powder coatings manufacturers. China has become the world's first powder coatings production and use country.

    Powder coating is only a semi-finished product in the strict sense, and it is a special raw material for customers. It must be used by customers to form the final product-coating. Therefore, the quality of coating is not only directly related to the quality of powder coatings, but also to the quality of coating process control. At present, there are few technicians specializing in powder coatings and coating services on the market. Most of the technicians in powder coatings enterprises are developed from the specialties of chemical industry, materials, paint and so on. Some of them are transferred from first-line long-term training, and generally lack rich theoretical and practical knowledge.

    According to personal training experience, it takes 2-5 years for a college graduate to master the production and R&D technology of powder coatings skillfully, and 2-3 years'practical experience for a technical service worker who wants to be a skilled quality control worker.

    With the strengthening of the relevant national environmental protection policies, the demand for powder coatings by the vast number of customers is increasing, and there is also an urgent need for timely and efficient technical support. Therefore, after-sales technical services have become an important means and guarantee for many powder coatings manufacturers to open up markets, improve product competitiveness and show the strength of enterprises.

    2. The way of after-sales technical service

    Powder coatings after-sales technical service refers to the behavior of powder coatings manufacturer to provide comprehensive and efficient treatment plan promptly through accurate analysis and judgment for various coating quality problems in the process of using powder coatings products reflected by coating customers. Generally speaking, there are three modes of language, document and on-site service. Among them, on-site service is very important because of its high cost, great difficulty and wide influence.

    2.1 Language Service

    Language Service is to analyze the quality information provided by customers by telephone and mobile phone in the form of language communication, to provide test schemes to customers, to find out the influencing factors, and to help customers solve the quality problems they face. Language service is easy to operate and frequently used, mainly between powder coatings sales staff and customers.

    Some enterprises also set up special technical service hotlines, which are provided by technicians with knowledge of powder coatings and experience in coating quality control to provide immediate consultation or guidance services to customers. Putonghua should be used in language service. Language should be clear and easy to understand. Attitudes should be enthusiastic. Conditional service personnel can also use the local dialect of customers to communicate, which can improve the accuracy and affinity of communication. During the process of communication, they should not deal with casually, hang up halfway or have impatient tone. After language support services are provided, telephone calls should be made in time (usually within 3 days) to confirm the effect of implementation, and it is responsible to continue to provide new technical services according to new feedback or requests from customers.

    2.2 File Service

    File Service provides analysis results and technical solutions to customers by means of fax, e-mail and QQ to help customers solve quality problems in painting. The service documents provided are printouts in principle. Handwritten documents must be neat and clean. The documents must be signed by the executor. It is better to attach contact information to facilitate direct communication between customers.

    After the implementation of the file service, telephone calls should also be made within three days. Understand the effect of implementation and customer opinions. Document services are mainly for new customers or new product applications, using ready-made technical information (such as product instructions), generally without the immediate guidance of professional and technical personnel.

    2.3 Field Service

    In the case that the language and document services are difficult to solve customer problems, powder coatings enterprises should immediately implement on-site service, assign their technicians with rich theoretical and practical experience to customer painting workshop, on-site analysis, formulation and implementation of technical solutions to solve production quality problems. For important customers of enterprises or customers with major quality problems, powder coatings manufacturers should also immediately implement on-site service. There are two direct objectives for on-site service: one is to confirm whether it is a quality problem of powder coatings; the other is to eliminate the influence of painting process to ensure the normal production of customers. Once the on-site tasks have been determined, technical service personnel should start immediately (no more than 8 hours at the latest), customers within 1000 km should be guaranteed to arrive within 24 hours, and those over 1000 km should arrive within 48 hours. On-site service personnel should be neat, generous in words and deeds, active in work and active, have the spirit of not afraid of hardship (tiredness) and continuous struggle, and always maintain the image of the enterprise itself.

    3. the main points of on-site technical service

    3.1 preparation work received instructions from on-site service, service personnel should quickly understand and confirm customer feedback information, grasp the quality control information of powder coatings products at the first time, visit relevant personnel such as production, technology, quality inspection and so on (when face-to-face consultation is not possible, also through telephone).

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