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    Shaanxi endeavors to do a good job in drought resistance and pest control

    Echemi 2019-04-25


    At present, wheat in Guanzhong has entered the stage of heading and flowering, which is in the critical period of yield formation, and is also the main period of major pests and diseases. On April 19, the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department held a field meeting on the prevention and control of major diseases and pests in the middle and late stages of wheat production in Fuping County. It was requested that all regions seize the critical period, fully mobilize the masses, and do a solid job in the prevention and control of drought and diseases and pests in spring, so as to ensure the stability of grain production.

    It is known that the summer grain yield, mainly wheat, accounts for 40% of the total annual grain yield in our province, and plays a decisive role in grain production. Judging from this year's situation, it is not optimistic to seize the stable and high yield of summer grain. Since last winter and this spring, most parts of the province lack effective rainfall, which is likely to form continuous drought in winter, spring and summer. The situation of disease and pest control in the middle and late stages of wheat is still grim. Temperature has risen rapidly in recent years, which is conducive to the rapid increase of aphid population. According to the weather forecast, the wheat flowering period may encounter rainfall, which is very beneficial to the epidemic of wheat diseases, especially the spread of scab infection. It is easy to form the overlap of insects and drought, and the task of summer grain production is very arduous.

    The Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stressed that plant protection departments at all levels should strengthen monitoring, scientific research and judgment, timely grasp the occurrence of diseases and pests, accurately publish short-term forecast information of diseases and pests, adhere to the principles of local conditions, zonal management and classification guidance, clarify the ideas of prevention and control, and refine the technical scheme of prevention and control. All localities should attach great importance to the monitoring and control of wheat scab, pay close attention to the weather forecast during heading and blooming period, adhere to the control strategy of "seeing flowers and applying medicines", and quickly set off a climax of control work.

    The Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department requires that plant protection departments at all levels strengthen public service awareness, strengthen the support capacity of materials and technologies for prevention and control, fully mobilize and guide the masses to carry out prevention and control scientifically, promote green prevention and control technology, guide farmers to select high-efficiency, low-toxicity and low-residue pesticides, achieve pesticide reduction and control, and ensure production safety and ecological environment safety. This year, the central and provincial finances have issued a total of 31 million yuan for the prevention and control of wheat diseases and pests. Local governments should make good use of the central and provincial financial funds, adopt the way of government purchasing services, give full play to the role of social service organizations, vigorously promote the rule of specialized unified prevention and control, and ensure the effect of prevention and control. Local governments should earnestly implement their territorial responsibility for prevention and control, and make every effort to organize prevention and control to ensure that all measures fall. 

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