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    Weekly Offers and Analyses for Chemicals (May 7, 2019)

    Echemi 2019-05-08


    1. Potassium sorbate USD 4000/MT

    The price of potassium sorbate is relatively stable compared to that of the previous week. At present, it is a traditional off-season. The price is not likely to rise but will not decline in the short term decline. The factories are quoted according to every order.

    2. Sodium erythorbate USD 2300/MT

    Three factories continued to increase the price during the exhibition. The factory inventory is tight, and the price continues to rise.

    3. Sodium benzoate USD 1150/MT

    Affected by the price declining of crude oil on last Friday, the market was flucturating. The factory price is stable this week, and the number of orders is satisfactory.

    4. Vitamin C USD 2750/MT

    Northeast pharmaceutical prices continue to rise. The price has not increased, nor has it lowered. Recent factory orders are sufficient, and the price reduction is less likely. Operation will remain smooth before the API exhibition.

    5. Doxycycline hyclate USD 65.5/KGS

    Manufacturers have stopped production. The market is not flourishing.

    6. Tylosin tartrate USD 36/MT

    After the VIV Thailand, the price of tylosin tartrate and its derivatives (tylosin base, tylosin phosphate, tilmicosin phosphate, tilmicosin base, etc) rose in all aspects, and all three manufacturers raised their prices to fight against the scant domestic demand and price drop caused by African swine fever. Prices are based on 1mt or more, while bulk prices are relatively higher.

    7. Oxytetracycline hydrochloride USD 25.1/KGS

    After the resumption of production, factories are going to gradually deliver the goods. The price will fluctuate with the market.

    8. Neomycin sulfate USD 23/BOU 

    The price of neomycin sulfate in Yichang Sanxia Pharmaceutical was lowered twice after the quotation was restored, and the price in Sichuan Long March Pharmaceutical was subsequently lowered. The market price continues to decline slowly and market demand decreases.

    9. Citric acid monohydrate USD 620/MT

    Production starts and the demand is relatively stable. Prices have decreased.

    10. Anhydrous citric acid USD 730/MT

    Production starts and the demand is relatively stable.

    11. Paracetamol USD 4/KGS

    The price advantage is obvious, and the product quality is excellent. Spot goods are guaranteed after the order being confirmed.

    12. Gentamycin sulfate USD 125/BOU

    13. Timicosin phosphate USD 43.5/KG

    Large manufacturers are selling at low prices, and small and medium-sized factories are not profitable, and they have stopped offering. After VIV, all manufacturers negotiated to raise prices, but the pre-orders accumulated too much, resulting in lower inventory and tight supply. In addition, the Jiangsu chemical plant explosion caused the government to attach great importance to production safety, so most chemical companies have stopped production and supply are insufficient. The current price is high and stable.

    14. Colistin sulphate USD 12.6/KGS

    Domestic stocks increased, and the market price reduced.


    Biochemical Engineering

    1. Xanthan gum USD 1850/MT

    During FIC, xanthan gum factories promoted sales, but after the exhibition, the price has returned to the previous. At present, Fufeng's price of 80 meshes is FOB Qingdao 2100 US dollars, 200 meshes is FOB Qingdao 2200 US dollars; Meihua's food grade of 80 meshes is FOB Qingdao 1800 US dollars, the grade of 200 meshes is FOB Qingdao 2100 US dollars.

    2. Carboxymethyl cellulose USD 2320/MT

    At present, the prices of raw wood pulp and refined cotton are relatively stable, and government inspection has led to the shutdown of small factories, but most of the CMC enterprises have reached the standard, and the price is temporarily stable. At present, Anqiu Eagle 1000 viscosity is FOB Qingdao 2320, and the price of each 1000 viscosity  increases by 50-80 US dollars.

    3. D-Glucose monohydrate USD 395/MT

    Recently, the price of domestic corn and the market are stable, and will continue to be stable in the short run.The price of dextrose monohydrate declines slightly.


    Organic Chemistry

    1. TDI

    The domestic TDI market has been stagnant. After the holiday, the market recovered. The mainstream offer is stable, the downstream inquiry is insufficient, and the prospect of actual transaction is not good. It is expected that the short-term market will remain the same.

    2. Phthalic anhydride USD 945/MT

    Influenced by environmental protection and safety supervision, the downstream industry has a better environment to start production, but the demand has not raised. The upstream raw material costs are increasing and manufacturers have no intention to lower them. Prices continue to remain stable this week.


    Inorganic Chemistry

    Titanium dioxide USD 2300/MT

    This week, the price of titanium dioxide remains stable after increasing. Its price has been increasing during these two months, so that one producer of titanium dioxide has predicted that the price will go up this month. Elastic demand may affect the demand of Q2, and there are risks in the off-season. In the short run, thep price of titanium dioxide may continue to go up, but the actual transation price differs.

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