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    Inspection Team: Shanxi Coking Industry Adjustment and Optimization isn't enough

    Echemi 2019-05-14

    Inspection Team-Shanxi-Coking-Industry-Adjustment-and-Optimization-isn't-enough

    Shanxi coke output is more than 80 million tons per year, ranking first in the country. At the same time, Shanxi is also the key area of adjustment and optimization of China's coking industry. However, the central environmental protection supervision found that the adjustment and optimization of coking industry in Shanxi Province was not enough, and the coking capacity "increased with the adjustment".

    The Second Central Supervision Group on Ecological Environment Protection today (6) feedback to Shanxi Province on the situation of "looking back" and special supervision, pointed out that Shanxi Province has not been able to promote the upgrading and transformation of coking industry, optimize the layout of industry is in vain, it is easy to take refuge in pollution control, and the pollution problem is still very prominent. Feedback from the first round of central environmental protection supervision in 2017 indicates that the adjustment and reorganization of coking capacity in Shanxi Province has not been carried out effectively for many years, the effect of adjustment and reorganization is very limited, and the determination to impel industrial transformation and upgrading by environmental pollution control is lacking, and the requirements for enterprise upgrading and upgrading are relaxed repeatedly. In view of this, Shanxi Province has a clear rectification plan, strengthening the integration of the coking industry, upgrading and transforming traditional industries, strengthening environmental supervision, and ensuring the stable emission of the coking industry in the whole province by the end of 2017.

    From November 6 to December 6, 2018, the Second Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group carried out a "look back" on the first round of central environmental protection supervision and rectification in Shanxi Province. It is found that Shanxi coking capacity expansion impulse is still strong. Zhu Zhixin, chairman of the inspection team, said in briefing the inspection opinions that the State Council's "Three-year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defence War" took the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure as an important breakthrough to promote high-quality development, and clearly put forward that new coking capacity should be strictly prohibited in key areas. However, the inspection found that Shanxi Province to promote the construction of large machine coke and improve the level of equipment industry, but also the process of indulgent coking capacity expansion in a new round. The inspectors found that the coking capacity of Shanxi Province was 187.94 million tons in 2009 and 147.68 million tons in September 2018, which was approved by the Department of economy and information technology. Shanxi Province took the capacity difference as a replacement index for new and expanded coking projects. With other provinces vigorously promoting the phase-out and transformation of independent coking enterprises, these reserved capacity indicators in Shanxi Province are being released at an accelerated pace.

    After verification, there are eight coking projects under construction in Shanxi Province, involving 10.7 million tons of new capacity and 10 proposed projects involving 13.36 million tons of capacity. On the one hand, the utilization rate of coking capacity in recent years is less than 60%. On the other hand, on the other hand, the expansion of coking capacity has been accelerated, and the adjustment of industrial structure has fallen into the strange circle of "more and more adjustments".

    In addition, although the implementation plan for coking industry to fight for pollution prevention and control and promote transformation and upgrading, issued in September 2018 in Shanxi Province, put forward resolute control of industrial scale to ensure that the overall capacity of completed coke ovens declines steadily, there are no substantive control measures. Jinzhong coking industry supervision and rectification work program even proposed to make full use of idle capacity (i.e. unbuilt capacity) indicators, improve the utilization rate of productivity indicators, and encourage new expansion of coking capacity in disguised form. The inspectors found that the requirement of optimizing industrial layout in Shanxi Province is nothing. In November 2017, Shanxi Development and Reform Commission and the former Economic and Information Commission jointly issued the "Views on the Distribution of Coking Industry in Shanxi Province" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") to change the distribution of coking industry. They are intended to build 12 key coking parks in five prefectures and cities to realize the development of industrial agglomeration. New construction and suburban construction are strictly prohibited in Taiyuan and other prefecture-level cities. Expansion of coking projects and gradual relocation of existing coking projects. However, all over the country ignored this and still acted differently. The Opinion became a dead letter. At the beginning of 2018, the Taiyuan Municipal Government asked the Shanxi Provincial Government to bring Qingxu County into the layout plan of the key coking industrial parks in the whole province and build a coking industrial park with an annual output of 15 million tons. The Shanxi Development and Reform Commission and the former Economic and Information Commission agreed that Qingxu County could retain a certain coking capacity without exceeding the total production capacity of Taiyuan City, which obviously violated its own requirements for industrial layout optimization.

    The Opinion clearly states that the two key coking parks in Jinzhong City are located in Jiexiu City and Lingshi County, but the economic and information departments of Pingyao County still put on record the 1.34 million tons/year coking project of Pingyao Coal Chemical Group in December 2017, and said that the project meets the requirements of the Opinion. After the completion of the project, the coking capacity of Pingyao County will increase to 3 million tons.

    Inspection found that Shanxi Province neglected to manage the problems of unorganized discharge of coke ovens and excessive quenching water, and the pollution problem of coking industry was very prominent.

    Inspection found that the coke oven door of Jintaoyuan Coking Company in Luliang City was severely damaged and flamed everywhere, and the smoke was discharged at will and the smoke was rolling, which caused a shocking pollution situation; the coke oven gas collecting cover of Shanxi Jiexiu Sansheng Coking Co., Ltd was damaged and a large amount of flue gas escaped from coke oven when it came out; the smoke of the coke oven top, gas riser and furnace door of Linyuan Coal Industry Company in Changzhi City was obviously unstructured. Discharge phenomenon; Some smoke and dust are directly discharged during coal loading and coke discharging in Linfen Jinneng Coking Co., Ltd. In addition, direct coke quenching of untreated wastewater is common in Shanxi Province, and the problem of excessive coke quenching water is very prominent. The inspecting group sampled coke quenching water from 14 coking enterprises in Taiyuan, Jinzhong, Linfen, Lvliang, Changzhi and Yuncheng for testing, 12 of which exceeded the standard, 10 of which exceeded the standard with an average of 174.3 times, and a large number of pollutants were converted into gaseous emissions.

    For example, some wastewater from Loufan Dongsheng Coal Coke Co., Ltd. of Shanxi Yinhuang Group has been directly quenched without treatment. The concentration of ammonia nitrogen is 986 mg/l, 38.4 times higher than the standard.

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