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    DOP Guide: May 8 Domestic DOP Market

    Echemi 2019-05-15

    DOP Guide: Yesterday, the domestic DOP market was weak and the trading atmosphere was light. The downstream demand has not improved, and the situation of poor delivery has been maintained. In order to slow down the resistance of shipment, there is still a phenomenon of low profit. Especially under the influence of the decrease of octanol stock of raw materials, the outlook is maintained. The reference price of East China is 8050-8100 yuan per ton, the reference price of South China is 8100-8200 yuan per ton, and the reference price of North China is 7800-7850 yuan per ton. Future market forecast: Demand prospects are constrained, DOP industry inventory resistance is still high, excess contradictions highlighted let profits go down, expected fluctuations narrow and weak trend.

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